Sean Andrews

Welcome to my website!

I am the bassist for Redemption, a progressive metal band signed to
Inside Out Music, which is a worldwide record label. Redemption's latest CD, This Mortal Coil, is available now through online retailers like Amazon and iTunes. 

I also compose and record my own bass oriented music under the name
indica trichome project. If you would like to purchase all 9 indica trichome project mp3s, click on the PayPal button and the mp3s will be emailed to your specified address.
Please send a message via the contact / webcam lessons page after payment to speed up delivery. Thanks!


I teach Bass and Guitar at the Redlands Guitar Shop which is located at
208 Orange Street in downtown Redlands, CA. I'm currently offering Bass lessons online via webcam and I'm using Skype to connect with students from around the world.

If you are interested in acquiring my services, I consider myself a bassist for hire and would be open to inquiries, just send me a message. I enjoy doing session work on a track by track basis and am interested in playing all styles and genres of music.

I proudly endorse Ibanez basses, Carvin amps and Nordstrand pickups!